Happy Friday – New Video

Hi all,

Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement in helping us to raise money to record a new album of Dublin songs.

You can check out how were are doing here!

Rehearsals started last week, with a fantastic attendance despite the bank holiday. Everyone was keen to get back into it and prepare for our concert on December 2nd.

You may have seen our video which is attached to this campaign. We put a second one together, which features more extracts from our NCH concert in July and some of the choir talking about their favourite parts of Dublin City.
You can check that out here:

Thanks to the contributions so far we are well on our way to achieving our goal however there is still a bit to go. We would be very grateful if you were willing to pass on details of our fundit to your family and friends and anyone who might be interested in our rewards, such as tickets to our christmas concert, pre ordering albums and much more.

If you want to get in touch with us you can email to info@songsinthekeyofd.com, check us out on facebook at facebook.com/songsinthekeyofd or twitter @keyofdchoir.

Thanks so much again

all at SITKOD